Apple Will Sell iPhone As  Rent Don't Buy

A Subscription Service -

Service Could Launch In Late 2022

Apple is working on selling iPhones and iPads themselves as part of a hardware subscription service like Netflix.

We've Already Seen A Similar Shift

On the hardware front: Apple added a monthly subscription model for its AppleCare extended warranties back in 2019.

Monthly Charges Wouldn't Be Simply

Be the price of the device divided by 12 or 24 months, potentially with the option to upgrade to new hardware as its released.

It’s Hard To Imagine Apple

Simply be lending devices on a monthly basis, will you really be able to just pay to “subscribe” an iPhone for a single month?

World Where Apple Customers Invest

Months of capital to rent a device only to have them return it at the end of the process seems equally unlikely.

Leasing Is An Easier Upgrade

Fans can upgrade to newest model without swallowing the high lump-sum prices like $699 iPhone 13 $1k Pro Max.