Alien Stone in Egyptian  Supernova, Scientist Say

Desert Came from Rare

A Strange Extraterrestrial Space

Rock unearthed in the Sahara Desert could be the first evidence on Earth for a rare type of supernova.

The Chemical Composition Of 

The Hypatia stone, which was first discovered in Egypt in 1996, suggests it may contain dust and gas that once surrounded an enormous type of supernova,

Type Ia Supernovas Typically Take

Place inside dust clouds where a white dwarf, or the shriveled husk of a collapsed star, shares an orbit with a larger, younger star that still has some fuel to burn. 

To Figure Out Where The Rock Came

From, the researchers performed a chemical analysis of a tiny sample of the Hypatia stone using non-destructive techniques.

These Revealed That The Rock

Had unusually low amounts of silicon, chromium and manganese — elements that are rare in the inner solar system

Statement By Scientists

"We found a consistent pattern of trace element abundances that is completely different from anything in the solar system. Objects in the asteroid belt and meteors don’t match this either,"

Asteroid 4x Times Bigger  Rushing On May 27

Than Empire State Building