A 'Trove' of Black Hole  Dwarf Galaxies

Discoveries Emerge from

A new analysis of dwarf

 galaxy surveys suggests black holes pop up far more commonly within these small galaxies than previously thought.

The study team said 

this study could be a missing link in learning more about how more massive black holes evolve.

Finding the black 

holes was a key challenge of the study, given that we can only see them through the radiation that they produce.

The high energy we see

 from growing black holes can look very similar to newborn stars, making it difficult to tell which is which absent a detailed spectrum.

solution was to use the

 all-sky Sloan Digital Sky Survey's emission line catalog; "emission lines" refer to the bright lines visible in the spectra of stars. 

The authors used two 

sets of astronomical surveys from the catalog that contain large groups of dwarf galaxies

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