A 4 Billion-Year-Old Comet  Towards Earth

80 Miles Wide Is Headed

An Ancient Comet

Believed to be over 4 billion years old is headed towards the Earth.

The Massive Comet

Is at least 80 miles across, making it twice the width of Rhode Island.

It’s Currently

Speeding towards the Earth at 22,000 miles per hour.

It’s Hurtling Inward

From the edge of our solar system. Luckily, we won’t have to worry about the comet impacting the Earth.

Astronomers Say It Will Never

Pass closer than 1 billion miles from the Sun. That’s a little farther than the distance between the Earth and Saturn.

The Ancient Comet

Is expected to pass that close to the Earth sometime in 2031.

NASA To Roll Back SLS

For Repairs