2 Big Asteroids Whiz  Next Week

Past Earth In The

There Are Two Asteroids

 making very safe flybys of Earth in the coming days.

Despite What You May Have

 read in media reports, no one is issuing any warnings about asteroids 2009 JF1 or 467460 (2006 JF42)

Nor Are Scientists Concerned About

the asteroid 418135 (2008 AG33), which passed by our planet already on April 28 despite some media outlets claiming it's coming on Thursday

NASA Monitors All Asteroids

NASA monitors all asteroids via a network of partner telescopes and its Planetary Defense Coordination Office.

There's Even A Curated List Of

asteroids available that the agency monitors, which require "more attention" because there is a tiny, statistically improbable chance of impact.

NASA Does Classify Some Asteroids As

"potentially hazardous," a complex calculation that is related to size (larger than 492 feet or 150 meters) and the distance at which the object approaches Earth, among other factors

There Are No Known Threats

 to Earth in the coming decades despite ongoing decades of searching.